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Feeling lost

It seems like forever since I've blogged... oh right, it HAS been forever since I've blogged. It's not like I haven't had the time, just haven't had the energy or will to get off my ass (or rather, sit my ass in front of the computer) to do it. 

Lots of stuff has happened since I last blogged.

I received that wireless internet card I said was on it's way.
I used those free tickets that I posted about. Well, 3 sets of them. The 4th set will be used (most unenthusiastically) this Saturday.
I registered for classes at the college.
I sent in my FAFSA form for financial aid.
I read all 7 Harry Potter books in less than a week.
I've gained weight, rather than losing it like I want to.
I took my nephew to his first baseball game, where he promptly ate a hot dog, some ice cream, and asked to go home. Fun!
I'm still smoking.
At the moment, I don't even know what I received for financial aid for school, because I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator and a scaredy cat.
I've become hooked on NCIS. Seriously hooked. Like, watching 15 hour marathons on USA hooked.
I'm changing my work schedule so that I can watch the new season of NCIS on Tuesday nights.
I played hooky from work last week. Mostly to watch NCIS on TV. I told you, hooked!
Bro2 and his girlfriend had yet ANOTHER pregnancy scare.
I have a new boss at work, whom I absolutely HATE. She doesn't know her ass from her elbow, and that's being polite.
I'm learning how to be a bitch. It's not nearly as hard as I thought.
I am almost done paying off one of my credit cards! HALLELUJAH! Then it's on to the other 3 or 4. Yipee!
Dad is up to all his usual tricks yet again.
I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely time for me to call a therapist. I can't live like I have been for the last few months.
I'm hooked on Twitter. 
I've been buying ebooks again. BAD, BAD, BAD!!
Oh and the Sox have tanked yet again at the end of the season. The Wild Card is our only hope.
I turned 26 rather un-spectacularly in August.

All in all, I haven't had the greatest of summers. That change I was hoping for? Yeah, it didn't happen. At all.

I`m alive!

So I am alive! But at the moment I don`t have any internet on my computer, since the router was moved to the other end of my house and I don`t have a wireless card in mine. But I do have one on the way, so hopefully I will be back to posting regularly.


Tickets in Hand!

Well, I've had them for a week, but I really haven't felt like being online too much this week... rather, I've been too busy re-reading the Twilight series to be online much, haha.

But here they are:

$900 in free concert tickets!! And I get to use the first set this Saturday!! WHOOO HOOO!!

I Told You So

So remember a few months ago, when my mom and dad were having all those problems, and then all of a sudden *poof* everything was fine? And I said we'd be right back there in a few months?


My father is up to his usual tricks again. Meaning, something one of us did has pissed him off so he's being an @$$hole again. He's unhappy that my mom let my brother's girlfriend bring her dog here with her, and so is being an ass to everyone again. This morning he left the mortgage statement and the phone bill at my mom's seat at the kitchen table, which is his way of saying she should pay them. HA!
 RIGHT! That is HIS responsibility! I'm sorry, but this kind of stuff is why he and I will never have any kind of relationship. He is acting like he's 14 for God's sake!! It pisses me the hell off!

I've gone to the dark side

I did it.

I've read Twilight.

And New Moon.

And Eclipse.

And Breaking Dawn.

And Midnight Sun (what there is of it at least!!)

I'm hooked! 


Adventures in puppy sitting

 So I mentioned how I'm puppy sitting right??

Well, now, said puppy has GONE INTO HEAT!!!!  And we have a male dog of our own! Thank GOD he is an outside dog, and B has been mostly an indoor dog.

I am not happy, let me tell you! I DID NOT sign up for changing doggie diapers for christ's sake!!!  Nor taking her outside to pee every freakin hour either!! That's a lovely side effect of being in heat, in case you didn't know.  

And according to what I've read online this is going to last, at the minimum, 21 days... 


The drama that is my life these days

So my brother's girlfriend has moved in. Along with her dog, who is a breed I don't really care to think about, and that I am now taking care of during the week while he's at work and she's at school. But anyways... 

Her mother's new husband (if you really want to give him enough credit to even call him that) has turned totally psycho since her mom went to prison two weeks ago. Yes, her mom is in prison. On a trumped up charge this time. Yes, I said this time. I really don't know all of the details. But suffice it to say that her mom's life is completely and totally messed up right now. And now poor C has to deal with this man, who I would say is likely using drugs again.

She went over to their apartment yesterday to get most of the rest of her clothes and any paperwork that had her name on it. However, she visited her mom on mother's day and she had asked C to take her paperwork/bills and give them to her grandmother so that she could take care of her bills while she is locked up. Only the step-father DID NOT like that at all, and called C this morning screaming at her that those were his papers and if she didn't bring them back he was going to call the cops. So she woke me up and we headed over to bring her mom's paperwork back. She dropped the box off outside of the apartment door because she did not want to go inside and see him. Except he came barreling out the door when he realized she dropped the box off and completely flipped out on her, yelling that he wanted her key to the apartment because she doesn't live there anymore and when she yelled back that she wasn't giving it to him until she had the rest of her stuff, he threatened to call the cops. Except he would have been stupid to do that because I am pretty sure he was on something and inviting the cops to your house when you're high is a bad idea. 

So she got in the car, and we headed to the police station to report him. So C tells the dispatcher what's going on, and all of a sudden the woman is asking her questions like she already knows who she is... isn't that interesting! Turns out, C's step-sister (who belongs to the psycho husband) called yesterday to report that he wouldn't let her in to get her belongings, because they were in court yesterday and she chose to live with her aunt instead of her dad. So C talks to an officer and he heads to the apartment to talk to the husband, because wonder of wonders he wouldn't answer the phone when they tried to call him. And of course, this is a police officer, so of course he's going to deny all of this. And then he tells the officer that he has no problem with letting them in to get their stuff... except the man is NEVER home anymore, how are you supposed to let them in if you're off getting high or drunk somewhere??? So the cop comes back and tells C that he told him it wouldn't be a problem, and if they wanted an officer to go with them when they go there, to keep the peace, that wouldn't be a problem. After, of course, lecturing her that her step-father was right about the papers, because he and her mom are married, those papers do belong to him. He even tried to say that C's adoption papers (NOT adoption papers w/this guy, with her mom's ex-husband) should have stayed there too. Which is totally not true, because nowhere on those papers is the husband's name. But whatever. So we head home.

C calls her step-sister, and finds out she's planning to go to the apartment today to get her stuff (with an officer) so C decides she should probably go over there at the same time to get the rest of her stuff. Except when they get there... the husband has taken off AGAIN and the cop says that they can't go in there because he's not there. Isn't it funny that he took off again after saying that it would be fine and dandy for them to come and get their stuff??

So now we're waiting to see what will happen, because C was waiting for her dad to show up at the apartment so she wouldn't be there by herself, and who also needs to get things that belong to his other children with C's mom.


KU Mohegan Sun pictures

As you can tell from these, it was sooo smoky in there, and with most of his lighting, it was so hard to get a clear picture. These are the best of what I was able to get. It at least gives you an idea anyways!!!

user posted image
Hit The Ground Runnin'!

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
This is the couple he pulled on stage, obviously.

user posted image
He signed their poster too!

user posted image

user posted image
It's kinda hard to see because of the lack of lighting, but the screens moved and came down almost like a ceiling above the stage.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
Down in the crowd, he did this like 3 times... my brother was in a lower section and could see him better on his return to the stage, he said security was NOT messing around, they were pushing people out of the way so he could get back!

user posted image
Nutter singing after he was introduced. I tried to get a good shot of his face, but as you can see the damn lights were in the way! 

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
I LOVE this shot!!

user posted image

user posted image
And the bow!
I don't think I write the best reviews in the world, but I will give it a whirl, using my twitters as a guideline to jog my memory... because my short term memory has not been the best lately!  

For anyone who has never been to Mohegan Sun, I suggest you go at least once... it is SO beautiful inside (the casino that is)!! And their arena is pretty small, so pretty much any seat (at least the lower level ones!) is a good seat!

First thing I have to mention, because I thought it was pretty neat and I'd never seen it before... in the women's room, they have seats on the toilet with an automatic disposable cover!! I thought that was the best invention!!! But I didn't want to mention it on twitter, haha.

On to the show..

Jason Aldean was pretty good, but it would have been so much better if we could have understood everything he was saying/singing... his sound was WAY too loud! Way too loud. I will definitely go see him again in a smaller venue when he comes this way again. Plus, he's not really the same kind of music as Keith... so the crowd was not all that into him. It was a little weird. But I'm guessing he was the only one in the area who was available to fill in for Sugarland on such short notice. He mentioned that he literally got the call the day before when he was in PA.

The stage setup is really cool... it is very obvious at first glance that he will be going out into the audience.. on both sides there is a wide angled ramp that goes down to the floor, and a MUCH smaller catwalk than last year in the middle. Plus a mini stage on either side of the show, a la Kenny Chesney's stage a few years ago, with ramps up to those as well. As for the screens, he basically took last year's HUGE screen and cut it into 5 pieces... and they move around- which was pretty cool. I hope some of my pictures came out and you're able to see what I'm talking about! Plus there's two smaller screens on either side of the stage.

Ok, so here's the set list for last night:
Hit the Ground Runnin' (very appropriate opening song!)
Days Go By
Stupid Boy
Where The Blacktop Ends
Better Half
Once In A Lifetime
Making Memories of Us
Standing Right In Front of You
Till Summer Comes Around
Sweet Thing
Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
If Ever I Could Love
Raining on Sunday
Kiss A Girl 
Told You So
You'll Think Of Me
You Look Good In My Shirt
Somebody Like You

Tonight I Wanna Cry
Better Life

He played for a solid 2 hours, which was awesome! Especially considering his voice was not really up to snuff! When he first came out to the stage on the back of the floor (which is only big enough for him this time!) he mentioned that he was REALLY nervous about tonight and that he almost lost his voice in the first two songs.

The show starts with what sounds a LOT like Irish music... it was pretty cool, but also weird at the same time, because, hello, I thought I was seeing Keith Urban.. who is definitely not from Ireland! Ha! He comes up from below the stage (also a la Kenny Chesney) already playing the first song.

And OH MY GOD... fans of the plaid shirt, like me???? HE WAS WEARING ONE!!! Actually it looked pretty much like the old blue and white one he used to wear, except it's got short sleeves! LOVE IT!!  

He came out to the back, after I think it was three songs. And there was a couple back there with a sign saying they'd been married for 25 years. He brought them onstage (!) and talked to them for a couple minutes, and dedicated MMOU to them. It was pretty cool. 

When it was time for TCSA, he had a little radio medley, much like what he used to do for WWWBM at the beginning of the show. I have to admit, that song was very good live. 

When he introduces the guys, each one (except McHuge, thank GOD!) got to sing a little snippet of a song, I'm guessing of their choosing. Brad was really weird, because he didn't really sing... I don't know WHAT he was doing!  I will give monkey boy his due, he can sing! And Nutter and Jerry?? Holy cow!!!  Nutter is SO GORGEOUS with actual hair!! When I saw him last time, it was really short, but I LOVE the new 'do! And can he hit the high notes or what!! Oh, and they show pictures from when they were babies and kids on the screen while they're doing this!

And Kiss a Girl was just as weird as we thought it would be to sing along with... though I gotta say, the majority of people were singing!

Before YTOM, they showed these videos of fans singing the song at home, it was really weird. But there was one little kid singing it, which was really cute, I gotta admit! And WOW did he really do a vintage type performance with that song last night... it was like the old days, before Nicole. Kinda bizarre!! 

As usual, he closed with SLY (before the encore) and EVERYONE was up and singing for that one! And they ALL- even Keith- were jumping up and down at one point... like Robbie used to do! It was pretty funny to see Keith doing that! 

I gotta say though, they really need to lay off the mist/dry ice because it was sooo smoky in there! Made it really hard to take pictures, or video- which I managed to do!! I got at least a little piece of all the new stuff, plus pretty much all of Better Life at the end- I just let my camera go until there was no space left on my card!  

Oh, and they need to get rid of the strobe lights!!! Like, tonight! BAD IDEA!! Felt like I was being blinded...

Pictures will have to wait until I can get more batteries for my camera, they died halfway through uploading! But it did dl the videos, so I will put those up as soon as I can!

Get well soon Remy!

This is so incredibly sad... I hope he recovers soon! The games just won't be the same without him!!

Gives me extra motivation to quit smoking myself, too!

Remy taking indefinite leave after cancer surgery - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog

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